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As An Applicant/Candidate: 

  • To professionally evaluate your background and experiences.
  • To give you a general overview of relevant industry activity.
  • To evaluate your skills against our database of job search assignments on an on-going and continuous basis.
  • To work with you in a professional manner to help you evaluate opportunities we develop.
  • To facilitate contacts between you and our clients or affiliates.
  • To provide you with over 75 years combined experience in helping people successfully transition between their current career assignment and their new one.
  • To be available to you for professional career guidance and counsel to enable you to make the most out of any move.
  • Please forward your resume.


As A Client Company: 

  • To develop an understanding of your needs through extensive direct verbal and written communication with individuals who have a direct interest in the position to be filled (You won't have to teach us industry standards and requirements; we've spent a combined 75 years working with those standards and requirements).
  • To translate the position dimensions and company culture into a profile (guidelines) of the desired candidate.
  • To concurrently search our extensive database of candidates and initiate original research of appropriate industry segments to identify prospective candidates. Typically a researcher and recruiter are working in tandem to maximize efficiency and timeliness.
  • To provide you with a complete, objective, fair and informative appraisal of the most qualified candidate(s).
  • To assist you with the interview proceedings, salary/benefit negotiations and closing the offer.
  • To follow-up with the selected candidate after 60-90 days to assure appropriate "settling in".