Five habits of the highly successful

five habits of the highly successful

It’s time! That’s right. It’s time to say goodbye to your bad work habits and say hello to the five healthy habits of highly successful people so that you can move on up the ladder with your current employer or find better luck with a new one.

Routine. Let’s begin with the basics––eating, sleeping, waking, exercising. We live in the land of the free and oftentimes we want to exercise our rights to do what we want when we want more often than not. We say, save that for your days off if you can and try to plan and establish a routine that you can have down to a science at least five days a week. Most successful people get that way because they have a specific recipe for making the most out of their time. In a recent survey of more than 200 millionaires, research showed that 50 percent of those folks woke up three hours (or more) prior to setting foot in their place of work to prepare for the day ahead, work on personal projects and create time for eating (and perhaps packing) healthy meals and exercising. Waking up early or staying up late to work are often imperative but be sure to get your seven to nine hours of sleep in each night as prescribed by the National Sleep Foundation. Recharging our batteries is just as important as keeping them going.

Exercise. Speaking of routine, it’s been said that exercise is the number one common thread between highly successful people. Getting the blood flowing throughout the body also gets the blood flow just right in the brain to complete (and excel!) in daily tasks. It also helps to rid the body of kinks that would otherwise make it miserable to stay in one place for most of the day.  Another advantage of exercise is that as movement within the body occurs, endorphins are released which help to develop a sense of confidence, a competitive edge and drive which can be applied in the workplace too.

Get Inspired. If you’re well-read on what it takes to be a true success, you’re already on the right track. In the same survey polling millionaires we mentioned above, 88 percent of the 200 and some wealthy people polled said they take the time to read at least 30 minutes each day. Whether it’s self-help, biography or even fiction, we can learn a great deal from real folks and characters who have overcome odds, gained new perspectives or conquered unimaginable quests.

Take Time. It’s important to make time to take time out of the office or lab where you spend most of your time on the job. One recent study showed an 80% in-office and 20% out-of-office split is the ideal way to divide your work time. A change in scenery has actually proven to reactivate optimal brain functioning after a long period of time spent in the same place.

Happy-medium. Confidence is key in business. No one doubts that. But a truly successful person also takes other points of view into perspective and doesn’t act like a know-it-all. So take time to listen to others. Hear them out. Open your ears to new ideas or ways of thinking. Time will tell that being a good listener will also get you places when it comes to relationship-building and we all know that the more well-connected we are in the workplace, the more likely we are to be eligible for promotions and bonuses. And if you’re not sure that there is room for upward movement where you are, use your confidence to ask for help. Use those connections! Send your resume to recruiters like Phil Ellis Associates and let us do a little work on our end of things to see how we can help get you where you’re trying to go.

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