In good company: The gift that keeps on giving

Company Culture

Whether you’re in HR, a senior manager, team lead, CEO or the low man on the totem pole, there’s no greater gift than a good team. The people you work with and the culture within the workplace can make or break a business.

Positive company culture creates a win-win environment within the workplace and breeds success. Since many of us spend more of our waking lives with our peers at work than we do with our own relatives at home, it’s imperative that we work together like a well-oiled machine but also like a family. So how is it that you as a top dog within a company or as an employee can be in good company? Read our 5 steps below.

The why. This is first on our list because it’s just that–number one, numero uno. It’s our MVP (Most Valuable Point) for your team of MVPs (Most Valuable Players). What is your why? If you’re on the hiring end of things, it’s important that you illustrate your passion for the company from interview day on.

What’s your mission? Why would someone want to work with you? Is your team working on a cure for a life-altering disease? Is your staff like a family? And when you’re on the receiving end of job offers, ask the same question–why? Be sure there is passion behind the man-hours you put into your work. It’s not all about the Benjamins.

Power of the people. Authority and responsibility are imperative in getting things done in an efficient manner. Hovering over employees rather than trusting them to do their jobs does two things: wastes time and creates a sense of incompetence for those being observed. So start from the get-go. Hire only the best no matter how long it takes you to find good talent. Teach your staff how you want things done and trust that they’ll do what you’ve hired them to do.

Squad goals. One of the greatest hardships for professional sports teams is when an MVP trades teams. The same goes for the members of your corporate team. So how do you keep your MVPs on board? Build a ladder. Then, let it be known how to get to the top. When promotions are frequent for top performing employees, the whole team notices and follows suit. Give your squad goals.

Go for the gold. Whether it’s an extra day of vacation, a fat bonus check at the end of the year or a coffee just to say thanks, reward your staff and coworkers. Coffee and donuts can go a long way! When the members of your team know there are rewards for results, they tend to work longer, harder and smarter. Let your team know there are rewards for achieving certain goals and see what happens.

Bad eggs. You know how the saying goes. One bad egg (or apple) will spoil the whole bunch. So when the going gets tough, recognize that apples are apples and oranges are oranges. If there’s an outlier in your group of apples it might be time to let the orange know they’re just not the best fit for your team.

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